Social Cat Review | Platform for Connecting brands and micro-influencers

Social Cat is a simple tool that facilitates communication between marketers and micro-influencers. The only reasonably priced microinfluencer platform for small businesses and microinfluencers.

This Social Cat review finds that the platform’s focus on these two segments is particularly strategic, considering the growing influence of micro-influencers in the digital marketing space.

And the Social Cat review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of its offerings, and the potential benefits it brings to its users.

What is Social Cat?

It is a platform that connects marketers with micro-influencers. It is a simple tool that facilitates communication between the two parties, making it easier for small businesses and micro-influencers to collaborate on marketing campaigns.

Social Cat

Using Social Cat, marketers can easily find and connect with micro-influencers who have a following in their target audience. Micro-influencers, on the other hand, can use Social Cat to find brands that align with their values and interests.

How does Social Cat work?

To use Social Cat, marketers and micro-influencers need to sign up for an account. Once they have created an account, they can start searching for potential collaborators.

It has a number of features that make it easy to connect with micro influencers. For example, users can search for influencers based on their location, niche, and audience size.

They can also view an influencer’s profile, which includes information about their audience demographics, engagement rates, and past collaborations.

It also makes it easy to communicate with potential collaborators. Users can send messages directly through the Social Cat’s Influencer marketing platform, making it easy to discuss campaign details and negotiate terms.

There have been many successful collaborations facilitated by Social Cat. For example, a small beauty brand was able to partner with a micro influencer who had a following of beauty enthusiasts in their target audience. The campaign resulted in increased brand awareness and sales for the beauty brand.

How to get started with Social Cat?

To get started with, marketers and micro influencers need to sign up for an account on the platform. The sign-up process is simple and straightforward, and users can start searching for potential collaborators as soon as they have created an account.

Social Cat for Creators

For micro influencers, it is a great way to connect with brands that align with their values and interests.

The platform makes it easy to find brands that are looking for influencers in their niche, and the communication tools make it easy to negotiate terms and discuss campaign details.


Account Setup

Creators begin by setting up a free Social Cat account. This involves sharing details about their creator profile, including follower demographics, location, and preferred brand collaborations.

A notable tip provided is to verify accounts on Instagram and TikTok, as this can significantly increase the chances of securing paid collaborations.

Campaign Applications

The platform allows creators to browse through available campaigns or receive direct proposals from brands.

This dual approach – applying to campaigns and receiving direct invitations – offers flexibility and increases opportunities for collaborations.

Engagement in Collaborations

Once a match with a brand is established, creators use The Social Cat’s messaging system to finalize details and commence the collaboration.

The process seems streamlined, focusing on ease of communication between brands and creators.

Creator Requirements

Social Media Presence

An Instagram or TikTok account with a public profile.

Minimum Followers

At least 3,000 followers.

Profile Aesthetics

A well-curated social media presence, including bio, feed, and overall quality.

Personal Engagement

Creators must showcase their personality and engage with their audience, including speaking in front of the camera.

Authentic Audience

The platform emphasizes genuine followers, disallowing fake followers or engagement tactics.

Social Cat for Brands

It is an amazing platform for brands wishing to increase their marketing efforts through user-generated material.

Brands may obtain real content from Social Cat creators for a fraction of the price that a media production company would charge.

While Social Cat is a software solution and not an agency, it provides tremendous value for brands wishing to develop and publish quality content at a cost-effective price.

Key Features for Brands

Curated Influencer Lists

Brands can browse through a curated list of influencers who have shown genuine interest in collaborating, having reviewed the brand’s campaign and proposed a partnership. This feature streamlines the process of finding the right influencer match.

Gifted or Paid Collaborations

The platform offers flexibility in the type of collaborations, catering to both gifted and paid partnerships. This allows brands to choose the most suitable approach for their marketing strategy and budget.

Verified Reviews

Brands can view verified reviews from other brands on Social Cat, providing insights into an influencer’s compatibility and performance. This feature aids in making informed decisions before initiating a collaboration.

Inbox & Messaging System

A dedicated inbox system facilitates smooth communication between brands and influencers, ensuring effective coordination throughout the campaign.

Problem Resolution

In case of issues during a collaboration, brands can flag the problem, and a dedicated team member will investigate and attempt to resolve the matter, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy experience.

Benefits for Brands

Access to Quality Influencers

The vetting process ensures that brands connect with reliable and effective influencers.

Tailored Collaboration Options

The flexibility of choosing between gifted and paid collaborations allows brands to align their influencer marketing strategy with their objectives and budget.

Efficient Campaign Management

The various tools and features streamline the process of managing influencer campaigns, saving time and resources.

Social Cat Pricing

It offers three pricing tiers for its services, each designed to cater to different stages of brand development and influencer marketing needs. Here’s a logical review of each plan:

Startup Plan – From $49/month

  • Target Audience: Ideal for small businesses just launching their brand.
  • Features: Offers up to 15 matches and 100 prospects per month, with one team member. Includes basic features like inbox & messaging, content library, AI assistant, creator reviews, contracts, private notes, email notifications, and vetted creators.
  • Limitations: Lacks content licensing, influencer reporting, top brand badge, replace matches, premium creators, exposure boost, influencer marketing expert sessions, priority customer support, and a dedicated account manager.
  • Analysis: This plan is cost-effective for new or small brands exploring influencer marketing. It provides essential tools for starting collaborations but lacks advanced features for extensive campaigns.

Growth Plan – From $99/month

  • Target Audience: Suited for brands looking to generate user content and expand their reach.
  • Features: Increases matches to 15 and prospects to 200 per month, and allows up to three team members. Adds content licensing, influencer reporting, replace matches, premium creators, and exposure boost.
  • Limitations: Does not include the top brand badge, priority customer support, or a dedicated account manager.
  • Analysis: Offers a balanced range of features for growing brands. The inclusion of content licensing and influencer reporting is beneficial for brands focusing on content creation and performance analysis.

Pro Plan – From $249/month

  • Target Audience: Best for brands aiming for significant growth through influencer marketing.
  • Features: Expands matches to 50 and prospects to 500 per month, with up to ten team members. Includes all features from the previous plans and adds top brand badge, priority customer support, and a dedicated account manager.
  • Analysis: This comprehensive plan is tailored for established brands seeking an extensive influencer marketing strategy. The inclusion of a dedicated account manager and priority support ensures personalized assistance for large-scale campaigns.

My Observations

  • Flexibility: Each plan offers increasing levels of service, allowing brands to scale their influencer marketing efforts as they grow.
  • Value for Money: The Startup plan is an affordable entry point, while the Growth and Pro plans offer more advanced features for a higher investment.
  • Cancellation Policy: The option to cancel anytime with no commitments adds flexibility and reduces risk for businesses.
  • Yearly Discount: Offering two months free on a yearly subscription provides an incentive for long-term commitment and cost savings.

The pricing structure is well-segmented to cater to different stages of business growth, from startups to established brands. The plans are logically tiered, with each level offering progressively more features and support, aligning well with the evolving needs of businesses as they expand their influencer marketing efforts. The flexibility in terms of cancellation and the yearly discount option make it an attractive choice for businesses looking to explore or enhance their influencer marketing strategies.

Social Cat Pricing

Features & Benefits of Social Cat

Some of the key features and benefits are:

  • Easy communication tools for negotiating terms and discussing campaign details
  • Advanced search filters for finding influencers in specific niches and locations
  • Detailed influencer profiles with audience demographics and engagement rates
  • Cost-effective pricing plans for small businesses and micro influencers

Social Cat Review

The platform targets over 25,000 creators and 2,000 brands, indicating a significant user base in the influencer marketing domain.

The emphasis is on simplifying the collaboration process between brands and influencers, likely offering tools and features that aid communication, campaign management, and relationship building.

Many Users got benefited because of SocialCat. Here are some reviews for you

Social Cat Reviews

Why use Social Cat for micro influencer marketing?

There are several reasons why small businesses and micro influencers should consider using Social Cat for their marketing campaigns:

  • Cost-effective solution for small businesses and micro influencers
  • Ability to target niche audiences through micro influencers
  • Increased engagement and authenticity in marketing campaigns

By using Social Cat, small businesses and micro influencers can connect with each other and create authentic, engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

Pros & Cons

Social Cat : Pros

  • Links micro-influencers with small brands;
  • No constraints on messages or collaborations
  • Reasonable prices for brands and creators
  • A helpful team for client assistance
  • Partnerships are only possible if both sides are on board.

Social Cat: Cons

  • There aren’t many influencers on the platform.
  • Fewer options for brands to target


It is a simple and effective tool for connecting marketers with micro influencers.

The platform offers a variety of features and benefits that make it easy to find and collaborate with influencers in specific niches and locations.

Whether you are a small business looking to increase brand awareness or a micro influencer looking for brand collaborations, Social Cat is a great solution for micro influencer marketing.

However, there are a few things that may be done better, including introducing more precise data and broadening the pool of influencers.

FAQ about Social Cat

What is a Social Cat? 

          Social Cat is a platform that connects marketers with micro-influencers.

How does Social Cat work?

          To use Social Cat, marketers and micro-influencers need to sign up for an account. Once they have created an account, they can start searching for potential collaborators.

How much does Social Cat cost?

          Social Cat offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets.

Why should I use Social Cat for micro-influencer marketing?

          Social Cat is a cost-effective solution for small businesses and micro-influencers. It also allows you to target niche audiences through micro-influencers, resulting in increased engagement and authenticity in marketing campaigns.

What is Micro-Influencer?

Social Cat defines Micro-Influencer as Social media users with the followers of 1000-150000 followers.

What type of Campaigns does Brand run?

 Brands run sponsored affiliate and gifting promotions. To apply, create a FREE account