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Are you curious to know more about Daniel Gilbert’s net worth? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the estimated net worth of the American businessman and entrepreneur, Daniel Gilbert.

Who is Daniel Gilbert?

Daniel Gilbert is an American businessman and entrepreneur who is best known as the founder and chairman of Quicken Loans, the largest online mortgage lender in the United States.

He is also the owner of the NBA team, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the American Hockey League team, Cleveland Monsters.

Daniel Gilbert Net Worth

Daniel Gilbert’s impact extends beyond his business achievements.

His contributions to urban development, particularly in Detroit, and his philanthropic efforts, along with his high-profile role in the sports world, make him a notable figure in American business and culture.

Daniel Gilbert Net Worth

Dan Gilbert is a successful American self-made businessman with a $20 billion net worth at the moment. The man who made his money, Daniel Gilbert, is the founder and former CEO of Quicken Loans (originally called Rock Financial).

The company rebranded itself after being acquired by Intuit Inc., the same company behind the creation of TurboTax and QuickBooks.

The parent company of Quicken Loans, Rocket Companies, reported $5.1 billion in revenue and just under $900 million in net income for 2019. Quicken Loans’ operations are currently managed by Rocket Companies.

Rocket was in charge of producing new mortgages totaling 124 billion dollars just in the first half of 2020. Dan continues to serve as the company’s chairman.

In August 2020, Rocket Companies went public on the New York Stock Exchange. The share price increased by twenty percent in the first few hours of trading, and the company’s market capitalization exceeded thirty-eight billion dollars.

Daniel Gilbert owns 95% of Rocket’s shares, so when the company was valued at that amount, his investment was valued at an estimated $36.5 billion. He sold shares for $1.8 billion during the initial public offering (IPO).

He is the operator of Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena and the chairman of JACK Entertainment, a company that owns and runs several casinos.

Daniel Gilbert is one of the 20 richest people in the United States of  America.

And the 30th richest in the world.

Daniel Gilbert’s Early Life

Gilbert was born in Detroit, Michigan, on January 17, 1962, and was raised in a Jewish home. He was raised in a Jewish family in Southfield, Michigan, and went to Michigan State University and Southfield-Lathrup High School.

Dan enrolled at Wayne State University Law School after receiving his bachelor’s degree, graduated with a Juris Doctor, and joined the Michigan State Bar.

Gilbert worked at his parents’ real estate company while he was in law school and obtained his real estate agent license while attending college.

How did Daniel Gilbert build his wealth?

Gilbert’s business ventures started with Rock Financial, a mortgage company he founded in 1985. He later renamed the company to Quicken Loans, which became the largest online mortgage lender in the United States. Gilbert also founded several other companies, including Fathead, a sports merchandise company, and StockX, a sneaker and streetwear resale platform.

Quicken Loans

Gilbert’s most successful venture, Quicken Loans, has been a major contributor to his wealth. The company has been recognized as one of the best places to work in the United States and has funded over $1 trillion in home loans.

Gilbert’s investment strategies have also contributed to his wealth. He has invested in several companies, including the ride-sharing company, Uber, and the e-commerce giant, Amazon.

Daniel Gilbert Education

Gilbert was raised in Southfield, Michigan, and attended Southfield-Lathrup for his high school education.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in political science from Michigan State University, he proceeded to Wayne State University Law School to obtain his bachelor’s degree in law. He is a member of the Michigan State Bar.

Gilbert received invaluable real estate industry experience while attending college and law school. His participation in his parents’ agency allowed him to learn the nuances of the industry and to gain a thorough grasp of the market.

Gilbert’s future success in the real estate industry would be largely attributed to this early exposure.

Daniel Gilbert Career

Dan Gilbert, who was 22 at the time, and his younger brother, who was also in the mortgage industry, cofounded Quicken Loans, the biggest mortgage lender in the US.

He kept up his position as the company’s CEO. In 2000, the software company Intuit Inc. purchased Rock Financial.

He and his companies have spent $5.6 billion buying and renovating buildings in Detroit’s downtown area, to create 24,000 new jobs.

A little over $146 billion worth of mortgages were originated by Quicken in 2019. The business, which went public in August 2020 under the name Rocket Companies, was valued at $36 billion.

A Professional Sports Team’s Ownership

Gilbert’s ownership of the Cleveland Cavaliers has been a major contributor to his wealth. He purchased the team in 2005 for $375 million, and the team’s value has since increased to over $1.5 billion.

Cleveland Cavaliers

On the other hand, Dan Gilbert continues to be a well-known figure in Cleveland and the NBA because of his ownership of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Monsters, which constitute a sizable portion of his business and investment portfolio.

Giving to Politics and Philanthropy

Gilbert has been involved in politics and philanthropy. He has donated millions of dollars to various charities too.

Gilbert and his spouse Jennifer became members of The Giving Pledge in September 2012, and the Gilbert family pledged to donate half of their wealth to charitable causes throughout their lives.

In 2023, Gilbert’s eldest son passed away at the age of 26, having been born with neurofibromatosis.

Gilbert started two neurofibromatosis research clinics at the Dana Children’s Hospital at the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC) in Washington, D.C. Gilbert is also a member of the Cleveland Clinic, Children’s Hospital Foundation, and Children’s Tumor Foundation boards.


In addition to being listed as one of the “Fortune” 100 Best Companies to Work For 16 times, Quicken Loans has won the JD Power Highest Customer Satisfaction Award 16 times.

The Cleveland Monsters won the Calder Cup, and the Cleveland Cavaliers were the NBA champions and winners of the Best Team ESPY Award in 2016.


In conclusion, Dan Gilbert net worth makes him one of the richest people in the world.

Dan Gilbert, the second-wealthiest owner in all of sports and the majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is the second-wealthiest owner overall, according to Forbes.

He has achieved success through his business ventures, including Quicken Loans, and his ownership of the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

FAQ about Daniel Gilbert

How did Daniel Gilbert make his money?

Gilbert made his money through his business ventures, including Quicken Loans, and his ownership of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What companies have Daniel Gilbert founded?

Gilbert has founded several companies, including Quicken Loans, Fathead, and StockX.

What sports teams does Daniel Gilbert own? 

Daniel Gilbert owns the NBA team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the American Hockey League team, the Cleveland Monsters.

What charitable endeavors has Daniel Gilbert undertaken?

In 2012, Daniel Gilbert and his spouse Jennifer became members of The Giving Pledge, pledging to donate a minimum of 50% of their wealth to charitable causes.

In addition to donations and relief work, they have established neurofibromatosis support groups and research clinics.

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