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Everything about Amazon Relay that you should know. Learn about insurance minimums, freight prices, vehicle and trailer requirements, load booking procedures, and application procedures.

Although Amazon has a complex supply chain, its Amazon Relay program makes it simple for trucking companies to transport cargo.

Through its website and mobile app, Amazon enables truckers to directly book loads, eliminating the need for posting to already-existing load boards or forcing transportation companies to collaborate with brokers.

What is an Amazon Relay Load Board?

Amazon Relay Load Board is a platform that connects carriers with Amazon’s freight network. It is designed to help carriers find available loads and streamline the booking process.

Amazon Relay Load Board

The platform provides real-time information on available loads, including the pickup and delivery locations, freight type, and payment terms.

Amazon Relay is mainly for motor carriers and owner-operators driving semi-trucks or box trucks.

Benefits of using Amazon Relay Load Board

Easy Load Booking

The platform offers a user-friendly interface for carriers to view and book available loads. This simplifies the process of finding suitable freight that matches their schedules and routes.

Real-Time Information

Carriers receive real-time updates on load availability, which allows for quick decision-making and efficient planning of their hauls.

Reduced Empty Miles

By providing access to loads in various locations, Amazon Relay helps carriers minimize empty backhauls, thus maximizing their earning potential and reducing operational costs.

Streamlined Payment Process

Amazon Relay offers a straightforward and prompt payment process, reducing the hassle often associated with billing and payment collections in the trucking industry.

Access to Amazon’s Extensive Network

Carriers have the opportunity to work within Amazon’s vast logistics network, which can lead to more opportunities and potentially long-term partnerships.

Technology Integration

The platform integrates with existing logistics and fleet management systems, making it easier for carriers to manage their operations alongside Amazon’s loads.


Amazon Relay provides flexibility in terms of load types and scheduling, allowing carriers to choose loads that best fit their capabilities and preferences.

Amazon Load Board

How it works

To use Amazon Relay Load Board, carriers must first create an account and provide their company information, including their DOT number and insurance details. Once their account is approved, they can search for available loads based on their location, equipment type, and other criteria.

They can then book the load and receive payment through the platform.

And they work in one of the Three Ways:

  • Load Board
  • Short-Term Contracts
  • Post a Truck

Load Board

Carriers and drivers can search for and reserve loads on the Amazon Relay website or mobile app, just like they can on other load boards or digital brokers. Businesses do not need to commit to any loads in order to access the load board, which is free to use.

Short-Term Contracts

For more consistent work, carriers and owner operators might also agree to short-term contracts. These agreements may run for a few days or for several weeks.

Post a Truck

Businesses can list their available vehicles on Amazon Relay, which serves as a dispatcher by automatically pairing trucks with loads that fit their specifications.

Amazon Load Board Login

If you dont have an Account. Create a new one using the Signup Button.

Amazon Load Board Login

Amazon Transportation Services controls loads on Relay, which is the only platform offered.

Requirements for Amazon Relay Load Board

To participate in Amazon Relay Load Board, carriers must meet certain requirements, including vehicle and trailer requirements, insurance minimums, and freight prices.

This also addresses a fundamental issue with logistic networks today, as many businesses struggle to locate adequate transport assets due to a lack of resources. 

Vehicle and trailer requirements

  • Carriers must have a valid DOT number and comply with all federal and state regulations.
  • A property and for-hire authorised carrier entity type.
  • Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category (BASIC) scores
  • Maintenance of Vehicles below 75%

Insurance minimums

  • Carriers must have liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $1 million per occurrence and $100,000 in cargo insurance.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance in all  jurisdictions
  • They must also provide proof of insurance and maintain coverage throughout their participation in the program.

Driver Requirement

  • CDL class B for box trucks and class A for Semi trucks.
  • CDL Drivers must be at least above 18 for intrastate commerce and above 21 for interstate commerce.
  • Maintainenece of Vehicle below 75%

Specific criteria to participate

In addition to the requirements listed above, carriers must also meet specific criteria to participate in Amazon Relay Load Board.

To register their transport firm with Amazon Relay, interested parties must have a valid EU licence for international goods transport, valid carrier insurance (CMR insurance), and valid vehicle or fleet insurance.

Carriers of all sizes can use Amazon Relay to perform one-way trips instead of empty ones.

Other legal requirements, such as Amazon’s Carrier Code of Conduct, must also be considered. 

What kinds of cargo can you find on Amazon Relay

Amazon is hoping to capitalize on the trucking industry’s increased productivity by providing clients with access to FTLs. This would help them to deliver orders more efficiently and reduce potential delays

How to Use Amazon Relay Load Board

The Amazon Relay Loadboard is a highly digitalized system that offers advantages to both carriers and drivers.

It provides enhanced efficiency and higher customer service standards with real-time updates on the shipment tracking information and a simple way to find out when your cargo will be delivered!

When you sign up for Amazon Relay, they will assist you in ensuring that your things are delivered fast and efficiently. You can begin utilizing the service without having to wait in queue or deal directly with carriers – simply log on from anywhere at any time!

The system will automatically register customers so that they receive prompt compensation after five days of completing their travel (or nine if it is longer).

That implies that once Carrier has completed the essential documentation, such as signatures, money will begin to flow into his account as quickly as possible–which might be weeks before others.

Tips for successful load booking

To be successful on Amazon Relay Load Board, carriers should be flexible and willing to accept loads at competitive rates. They should also maintain a good safety record and be in good standing with their insurance provider.


Amazon Relay Load Board is a valuable platform for carriers looking to connect with Amazon’s freight network.

It offers a variety of benefits, including access to a large network of shippers, streamlined booking procedures, and real-time information on available loads.

To participate in the program, carriers must meet certain requirements and follow specific procedures. Overall, the Amazon Relay Load Board is a great option for carriers looking to optimize their operations and increase their revenue.

FAQ about Amazon Relay Load Board

When may I begin transporting loads?

After they receive your completed application, they will approve or reject it within 2-3 business weeks. Any delays will be caused by the validation of insurance information. 

How can I monitor my progress?

In the Amazon Relay portal, Amazon gives a visible performance assessment. You can monitor your performance for all of your loads to continuously improve and expand your Amazon business.

How can I submit a load invoice?

Invoices will be generated automatically using Amazon Relay. In the Amazon Relay interface, you will be able to review all invoices and payments.

What should I do if I have a payment problem?

Within 30 days of examining your weekly invoice, you can lodge payment disputes directly through the Amazon Relay platform.

How does Amazon keep track of carrier compliance?

Amazon validates and continuously monitors carrier compliance using a range of technologies, including our compliance teams and a third-party compliance monitoring service.