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14 Dec

All You Need for Christmas is Web Templates

Have you ever thought what flavor does Christmas have? It smells like a cacao with marshmallows shared with your family on a snowy evening. It smells like needles and new Christmas tree decoration that you’ve recently bought in the nearest shop. Have you ever thought what taste does Christmas have? It tastes like a cherished kiss under the mistletoe with your beloved. It tastes like cookies that you always eat together with a hot cocoa. Probably, you’ve already felt this indescribable celebration atmosphere flowing through your veins. For this very reason, we have decided to make a festive selection of all templates needed to make an enchanting Christmas party on the Internet.

How Does a Genuine Christmas Template Look Like

Actually, every website needs to be dressed up in the run-up to Christmas. It should warm up people but, in spite of it, convey this peculiar wintry atmosphere that is nothing compared to any other time of year. In addition to this, it should look like a true wonder that can happen only in Christmas. It should inspire and give a wonderful nudge to go and make dreams come true. Furthermore, it should glitter with red, gold and green colors without which Christmas won’t be a real Christmas. If you take a look at something that provokes happy emotions in your soul and combines previously mentioned featured in one single unity, you can be sure that this template is exactly what you need.

This celebratory collection of various templates (WordPress themes, OpenCart, PowerPoint and so on and so forth) will definitely melt your heart and won’t give a chance for Grinch to steal Christmas. So, there is no need to hang around and wait for this precious holiday mood till the 25th of December. Let’s feel a magical Christmas spirit here and now!

 1) Christmas Icons – Magnificent and Wonderful Template

christmas icons

Cheerful Santa Claus, hard-working elves, a bunch of flying reindeer – sounds like a typical company from a Christmas movie – but, as you know, Christmas is a time for miracles. Thus and so, all these characters with various pleasant gifts, sweets and lollipops turned out to be a wonderful icon set. Using Adobe Illustrator, you can change their color, size and add some text in order to make these guys even more fantastic. In such a way, your website, banner or logo will play around in new wintry colors. Let’s feel the holiday spirit together with these magnificent Christmas icons!

Details |  Demo

2) Happy Holidays – Marvelous and Inspiring Illustration Template

happy holidays

Do you hear these sounds? Christmas bells are already ringing somewhere afar. Tree-tops are slowly covered with soft snowflakes and you may already need something tender as a white snow. This tiny collection of aquarelle elements looks like a genuine embodiment of holiday days. In addition to this, it looks like a gift found under a Christmas tree when you were a little child. Without a doubt, this illustration set will remind you of happy hours of the cheerful childhood and assure you that winter holidays have never been so adorable and joyful!

Details |  Demo

3) Santa’s Bag – Magic and Wondrous Landing WordPress Theme

santas bag

Santa Claus has so many worries these days. He needs to pack tons of presents for children all over the world to make their Christmas day the most gleeful and jolly one. TemplateMonster’s Santa has already taken care of some business and made a fantastic holiday WordPress theme in order to please all people who are impatient for unexpected gifts. This template is designed in white and red colors and, moreover, it allows you to take the full control of your website (change logo, fonts, backgrounds and so on and so forth). By the way, Santa wanted it to be a little surprise but this template also includes a magnificent Elementor Page Builder and a plenty of settings that let you create multiple custom pages. Pss, it would be nice if you don’t tell our friend that we’ve completely ruined his intrigue. Let’s pretend that you’ve heard it for the first time and gladden Santa Claus with your enchanting smile!

Details |  Demo

4) Echrist – Attractive and Admirable Landing Page Template


Christmas is already on the doorstep and, beyond doubt, everyone wants to celebrate it at their best. This festival should certainly be celebrated in the family circle – yet it would absolutely fascinating to share your holiday mood with the crowds of people. Just imagine these sincere embraces, pleasant сongratulations that warm up even on the most chilly day and Christmas songs sung at the festive table. With the help of this remarkable template, no one cannot get past your Christmas event. It comes alongside with an engaging and marvelous animation that will definitely make people agape with wonder. All pages are fully-customizable which means that you can turn your website into something even more fanciful and attractive. Let’s make certain that your guests will remember this Christmas as one of the most agreeable red-letter days!

Details |  Demo

5) Christar – Fantastic and Eye-Catching VirtueMart Template


What kind of Christmas is possible without tremendous gifts? To be honest, we adore choosing presents at the supermarket. These shelves overloaded with various gifts – an absolute embarrassment of riches. People shuffle back and forth in order to find the best present for a mother, brother or granny and, finally, see their beams of a smile that light up everything around. Yet some people like purchasing goods on the web and, in such a case, this template will turn into something that helps to overjoy others. The theme is designed with the mixture of red, green and gold colors that are always associated with Christmas. Furthermore, it has everything to run an impressive holiday online-store: a drop-down menu, categories accordion, commenting system and so on and so forth. Make everyone fall in love with your Christmas online-shop at first sight!

Details |  Demo

6) Xmas – Remarkable and Splendid Magento Theme


Sometimes it can be hard to not stop at the supermarket or on the street in order to view all Christmas decorations around. Small lights that shine goldenly, gingerbread men, Christmas tree ornaments that win hearts at first glance. Sometimes it can be hard to understand that you’ve lost track of time staring at them. This startling template includes a wide variety of essential features to make everyone stare at your website with delight: various sorting options, a product carousel, Ajax Search, Wishlist & Compare plugin. In addition to this, a superb slider will assist you in presenting your amazing Christmas promo-campaigns. Make the most sparkling online-store this Christmas together with this theme!

Details |  Demo

7) Jingle – Vibrant and Elegant Shopify Theme


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way – children and adults are already waiting for the festival full of wonders. All people worldwide are ready to receive presents – open bright packings in order to find out what is hidden in a box and smother with kisses their relatives for such a surprising but a sweet gift. Sometimes people can even be out of words to describe their happiness after receiving a present. Sometimes people can even be out of words to explain how they are glad to see this inartificial rejoicing on their beloved faces. This wonderful template will provide you with a chance to make people buy Christmas goods only at your online-store. It comes alongside with a great newsletter pop-up to make certain that your customers are aware of holiday discounts. Moreover, a memorable product carousel and multiple sorting options will help people to choose the best gift ever for their relatives. Feel a true Christmas spirit and don’t forget how fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight!

Details |  Demo

8) Joulupukki – Unexpected and Amiable OpenCart Template


Have you ever heard of Joulupukki – a Finnish version of Santa Claus? He lives in Lapland and also brings gifts for well-behaved children on Christmas Eve. It would be strange if we had our personal Santa Claus, but didn’t have our personal Joulupukki who has also decided to make you glad about a new template named after himself. This festive theme will turn a search for a perfect Christmas present into something extremely pleasant, speedy and comfortable. It comes alongside with a frosty palette of colors that create an unforgettable holiday atmosphere. In addition to this, a great pack of brilliant images that sparkle like a snow on sunshine. Therefore, why not to glad Mr. Joulupukki and take a glance at his marvelous Christmas theme?

Details |  Demo

9) Jingle Bells – Rich and Ringing MotoCMS Template

Jingle Bells

A Christmas tree is considered to be an inseparable part of this festival. Kids admire to trim it with their parents to feast their eyes on this Christmas symbol during holidays. There are decorations that make our hearts beat faster at a glance at them – charming clay angels, glistening stars, unique wooden toys, sparkling balls. This lovely template comes with a great variety of options to present a special atmosphere of your online-shop: a video integration, a powerful collection of Google Web Fonts, multiple background options and so on and so forth. In addition to this, this theme includes a multi-language support that gives you a first-class opportunity to make people all over the world get familiar with your Christmas wreaths and garlands. Let’s make people admire your decorations from dusk till dawn together with this captivating template!

Details |  Demo

10) Christmas Asset – Enchanting and Marvelous PowerPoint Template

Christmas asset

Christmas means that less than a week is left for a new year. It also means that a time for various reports and new business plans has come, too. Some people won’t be extremely happy to listen to it because they have a million other things on – buy presents for their family, decide where they’re going to celebrate a festival and so on and so forth. In order to capture their attention of your audience, you don’t need to sing Christmas carols and, in addition to this, dance on the background. This PowerPoint asset (that includes more than 20 unique styles) will assist you in presenting every type of project in the spirit of Christmas. Turn your presentation into something cheery together with this template!

Details |  Demo


Listen for these knocks at your door – they’re almost noiseless but, anyway, you will hear them if you come closer. It’s Christmas sneaking up on its toes to your house. While looking through this selection of templates, don’t forget to leave the door open to let this festival in. Thanks for reading!

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